Two Way SMS Messaging

Long Codes are just like your mobile phone number or virtual 10 digit number. This can be utilized by businesses to receive voice calls and SMS from other mobile numbers all over the world.

These make it possible for people to reply to your Bulk SMS campaigns that you send them by acquiring 2-way SMS.

Long codes can also text directly so customers could be capable to text you with particular concerns. Low cost and International accessibility make long code the best option for long-term campaigns.

YourBulkSMS offer a user-friendly, easy-to-use panel and hassle-free SMS long code service on shared and dedicated SMS long code numbers.


♦ Low pricing.                                        ♦ Complete status of messages with delivery reports

♦ URL forwarding.                                        ♦ Product/ service feedback from customer

♦ Create sub keywords.                         ♦ Interactive Panel to manage clients

♦ 2 way communication facility.                             ♦ Product Inquiries, Lead generation


No, it is FREE to register and you only pay for per message credit.

The value for a single credit in English is 160 characters. With the number of characters increasing, the second credit consists of 306 characters and moving on in this manner the value of credit deduction increases by adding 153 characters in the SMS every time. As the number of characters keeps on increasing the number of credits deducted will also increase according to that.
For Unicode the credit calculation as below:
70 Characters (Standard SMS) 1 SMS Credit
134 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (2 * 67 characters) 2 SMS Credits
201 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (3 * 67 characters) 3 SMS Credits
268 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (4 * 67 characters) 4 SMS Credits
335 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (5 *67 characters) 5 SMS Credits
402 Characters (Multi-part SMS)(6 * 67 characters) 6 SMS Credits
469 Characters (Multi-part SMS)(7 * 67 characters) 7 SMS Credits

Yes, technical support is available through email. If you having any issue then just raise support ticket to [email protected] or call 9522211125/26

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