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Bulk SMS for Stock Market Business

In Stock Market, stockbrokers have to provide continuous advice to share market investors. News, analysis, and movements have to be kept track of minute by minute.
Customers have to be very clear about each and every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, shares dividend & types of shares, mutual funds, and much more. So almost all clients connected to cell phones because mobile Messaging Services are the best way to serve them.

YourBulkSMS a leading end-to-end mobile SMS solutions provider that caters to Stock Brokers.


  • Customer Follow-up
  • Buying & Selling tips to clients instantly.
  • Increase customer walk-ins.
  • Communicate upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients.
  • Build customer relationships.
  • Communicate upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients.
  • Overall Sensex updates via pull SMS.
  • Sending Stock Specific information.

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