SMPP is a highly scalable Store and Forward Platform for Operators & SMS Aggregators. For better performance, it is to make a First delivery attempt and undelivered messages are stored and retried.

The architecture provides high-performance throughput per Server and provides seamless scalability both vertically and horizontally. This API can be used to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages, You can also download the SMPP account delivery report.

It (Short Messaging Peer to Peer) is a protocol used to send the SMS by the client to the telecommunications industry. This is level-7 tcp/ip protocol. Which help in fast delivery of SMS. It is lightweight, efficient, high performance protocol for sending SMS.

Why choosing YourBulkSMS as your SMPP Gateway?

  • An creative team experts that understands you.
  • Over 10 Years of experience in messaging solution.
  • Proprietor technology with reliable SMS Gateway.
  • Multiple Operator Connectivity for redundancy and faster delivery.
  • Load Balancing capability for maximum uptime.
  • Real-Time Delivery Report.
  • Transparent billing & 365 days of support.


Our Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol (SMPP) server allows you to establish a connector with our routing services based on a standardized and standardised mobile messaging protocol.


♦ Secure IP Binding.                                        ♦ Simple User Management

♦ Secure IP Binding.                                        ♦ Simple User Management

♦ Intelligent Q Management.                         ♦ Unlimited Routes (SMSC).

♦ Sender ID Management.                             ♦ Easy Prefix & Number Series Management.

♦ Easy Template Management.                    ♦ Superb Responsive Web Control Panel.


It (Short Messaging Peer to Peer) Is A Protocol Used To Send The Sms By The Client To The Telecommunications Industry. This Is Level-7 TCP/IP Protocol. Which Help In Fast Delivery Of Sms. It Is LightWeight, Efficient, High Performance Protocol For Sending Sms.

A reliable infrastructure for high volumes of SMS. Acts as an liasion protocol between your application and our SMS routing service, the SMPP Gateway allows you to manage a large volume of MMS and MO SMS via our Gateway in direct operator route.

Here is a mathematical formula to design your application TPS:
TPS = Window Size * Number of Sessions / Latency
Setting up the following parameters will be able to generate a TPS of 500 SMS / Second
Window Size = 10
Number of Sessions = 5
Latency = 100 milliseconds (0.1 seconds)
TPS = 10 * 5 / 0.1 = 500 SMS / Second
According to individual needs, TPS can be set and monitored.

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