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Bulk SMS for Real Estate Business

Real Estate is a wide field, with enormous scope for further progress. Here too, communication performs an essential role. Project launches, availability of projects, houses for buying/ leasing, loan facilities, special schemes, site benefits all these information and facts have to be communicated. Enterprise Messaging Services is certainly the solution for big giants as well as for real estate agents.

YourBulkSMS is a leading company in the world of Bulk SMS through the years the companies have consolidated its presence in the market and has been providing world-class services to its Real Estate clients.


  • Launch customer feedback campaign on SMS.
  • Integrating SMS Alert services with your website.
  • Facilitate customers to get specific Property details.
  • SMS Promotion of new projects into the right target groups.
  • Highly effective lead generation through reply number facility.
  • Send information on new properties, space availability to customers.
  • Online Property Buying & selling portals can integrate SMS notification.

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